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Staking BNF to earn amazing APY 

Staking BNF Made Easy

BonFi Staking functions similarly to a rewards account that stores and accrues rewards  — it offers constant time-based rewards based on staking time. In other words, the longer you stake, the higher the rewards.    That may seem simple, but BonFi Staking is unique in many ways.

BonFi offers a Rookie (shorter) and a Professional (longer) Staking Pool. The terms of each staking pool (rewards, lengths, minimum contribution, etc.) are fully outlined in the “how-to stake” guide here: Link. (Use Desktop)


The Legendary staking pool terms and "how-to stake" guide are outlined here: Link

The Professional Pool can be accessed here: Link*

The Rookie Pool can be accessed here: Link*

*Do not stake BNF tokens for the Pool if the pool is filled, it will result in an error.
*Do not stake the wrong UNI-V2 token 

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Pool based; it is a group activity with multiple contributors for each staking contract.

Flexible; you have full control over your staking duration. Staking until maturity yields maximum results.

Strategic; if you stake until full maturity, and others in your pool withdraw early, you will receive a portion of their rewards.



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