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The BonFi team is bringing technological innovation to DeFi.

The BonFi Org. Structure  

The BonFi Org. consists of DAO council members looking after the daily operations of the BonFi Platform, and Bonvest, our AI-powered liquidity pool optimizer. 

BonFi’s mission is to transition to a universally more beneficial liquidity pool operating model. We aim to achieve this through technological innovation and user empowerment. Users can join our innovative DeFi liquidity pool optimizer that leverages advanced AI technology. Our technology enables our members to identify sustainable yields without any restrictions. 

In an open finance ecosystem, we believe that full ownership must be provided to our users. Therefore, we will gradually transition to a decentralized autonomous organization. We will entrust our users to control the BNF token and its functions.

At its inception, BonFi will function as an entity led by three core council members, please click here to learn more. 

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BonFi DAO Transition 

Many public blockchains struggle with power centralization and stakeholder misalignment. These issues prevent them from achieving organizational effectiveness and community involvement. Instead, we want to build a blockchain organization where the community leads the future direction of liquidity mining. 

The solution lies with transitioning to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that moves from off-chain to on-chain decision making. This management structure allows organizations to advance dynamically and drive the adoption of decentralized governance models forward. 

The organization will gradually convert into a DAO with the release of BonFi 2.0, placing on-chain governance in the hands of token holders.

DAO Council Election

Disclaimer: Note that in the future, this information will be published on the website for community voting.



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