About the Council

The Council is driving BonFi's vision of open finance forward

Core Council Members

Other BonFi team members include professionals from various industries, including blockchain technicians, financial analysts, data scientists, and crypto enthusiasts. Most team members have been active in the crypto industry since 2016, either as investors or early technology adopters.

John Michaels

John is a FinTech specialist and has rich experience in banking and blockchain. As a consultant, he has successfully managed many client engagements across various industries, developing complex solutions. His passion includes new technologies that disrupt the status quo.

Past Experience:

Tiffany Liu

Tiffany is an investment specialist with years of asset management experience across multiple industries. She has successfully managed multi-million-dollar investment portfolios — her expertise includes risk management, derivatives trading, and investor relations.

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Jeff Kennel

Jeff is a data scientist who has a wealth of experience in quantitative analysis and modelling. His current focus is the development of the BonAI, which is transforming how data is interpreted, and leveraged for maximum returns under the BonVest. 

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