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Transitioning to a universally more beneficial liquidity pool operating model

The BonFi Platform

BonFi is a multilayered open finance liquidity mining platform complemented by the AI-powered BonVest, a diversified liquidity pool giving users exposure to a basket of underlying crypto assets.

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A new way to stake

BonVest is a professionally managed liquidity mining pool that leverages advanced AI technology that outperforms the market and generates a sustainable annual percentage yield.


More than just data

The BonAI features a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that leverages prediction based logic to outperform the market while standing at the forefront of innovation.

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The BNF Token 

The BNF token is a governance token that functions as an entry piece to the BonFi Ecosystem and offers exclusive access to BonVest.

Unlock the future of open finance with BNF

The BonFi Tier System

Unlock legendary perks and earn:

Legendary Tier   

up to 24% p.a.

Pro Tier 

up to 18% p.a.

Rookie Tier 

up to 10% p.a.

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The BonAI Deconstructed

The BonAI is part of BonVest and powers its price prediction and algorithmic trading activities. By combining big data with sophisticated data analytics, BonAI is able to contextualize market information.

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The BonFi DAO

The BonFi DAO places governance, voting rights, and the organization's election into the community's hands. The governance structure will provide organizational control to a supervisory council and the community, who will have greater control of the future direction of the BonFi ecosystem.

BonFi token inflation structure

BonFi token reward structure

BonFi token utility

Token Governance

Ecosystem Governance

Ecosystem grants

Voting within the BonFi ecosystem

Community proposal governance

Organizational expenditures

Upgrades to the BonFi platform

Ownership of the BonFi ERC20

DAO Governance



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